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Arrived December 2015  25+yr old bay gelding

You know how it feels when everything just seems to go wrong?  Me too.  I had the laundry list of ailments when I came here.  Headed for slaughter, pretty darn thin, covered in ticks, anemic, bad teeth, wonky back fetlock, rain rot… name it!  But, I had the cutest lopsided star on my forehead.  That certainly must have been the reason HCHS brought me home when no one else wanted me. Volunteer Bonnie spent hours every day for over a month just getting the ticks off of me.   The good Dr Sweet took care of my bad teeth and Farrier Kelly helped me with my feet.  I was given special feed and medicine for my anemia.  Soon, I was feeling like I was on the road to recovery.   Let’s face it, I AM an old guy, but they treat me with dignity and love.

One of our sweet seniors, who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to gallop alongside his friend, Gunner.

If you would like to donate in his memory, please let us know



30+yr old donkey

Well, I guess you could say I am your typical sweet, lovable donkey.  In donkey-speak, that would mean that I am sweet when I choose to be, lovable when it suits me and all the rest of the time I am pure, free unpredictability.  I have “donkey moments” when I decide I will go the opposite way that you ask me.   I can be very cuddly on the front end, but do please watch out for my back end.  I have the agility to let a hoof fly at the speed of light, just when you least expect it.  I’m unique like that.  When my feet need attention, the farrier shakes her head and takes a deep sigh….what can I say?  But everyone still loves me; I’m just so darn cute!



Arrived April 2013   incoming photo  5-Yr-old Appaloosa mare

I am so very glad I came to live here.  I was headed to slaughter, my health was not so good, I had not had a good meal in a long time.  It was a treat to find food and water in abundance here.  While my coat was very scruffy in the beginning, it soon got nice and shiny.  And believe it or not, I was secretly in foal at the time!   About 8 months later, I produced a tiny little baby boy named Woodland (Woody) as a surprise one morning.  I was very proud of him and was a great mom.  Now that he is all grown up and found his forever home, I am working on getting back in shape.   I am sensitive to flies and don’t much like them.  And I’m a bit picky about what saddle is put on me.  I really do love being brushed and loved!



Arrived February 2015  25+yr-old-gelding

While I was awaiting the truck bound for slaughter, HCHS brought me home—saving me along with my best buddy.  When I got here, I was pretty thin and my teeth were a mess.  In fact, my front teeth were pointed in every direction!  My feet were in desperate need of trimming too.  HCHS took care of all that so no more worries!  I really like the fact I got to stay with my best friend, Brooks.  I’m an old guy, but believe me I can be ridden and know a few things.  Sometimes I’m a bit shy, but show me a carrot and you have won yourself a friend!



Arrived May 2013

  20+yr-old pregnant mare

It was my opinion that humans were not to be trusted.  The only time they came around was to take my babies away.  Then the unthinkable happened.  I was sent to slaughter—while STILL in foal!  Hope’s Chance saw me and offered a home.  Even with the lack of options, I was still skeptical.  But, here I came.   My foal, Kelsey arrived about 6 months later…she was a big strong baby!  I loved being a mom, but having had so many babies, my body was beginning to be tired.   Hoping to help me with the transition, I was sent to Erica Hunter, who really knows a lot about wild horses.  But after 6 months it was clear that I did not wish to be a “people” horse.  I won’t come up for scratches, but throw me a carrot and I will be glad.  I am grateful for a place to live out my life in peace and quiet.



Arrived May 2013 16 yr old pinto mare

I guess because I was pretty shy, no one really thought I was worth looking at, but HCHS saw something in me and brought me home.  I was timid and didn’t really want to be friends, but as time went on, I softened and gave it a try.  I had come with a very nasty wound on my lower leg, and it took awhile for it to heal, but its fine now.  They thought what I really needed was to have someone to work with me every day, so I went up into the foothills and became a foster horse with Dave Forrest.  He was very gentle and patient.  I think I’m doing pretty well now, although I know I could use more learning. It takes me a little time to get acquainted with a new person, but if they are gentle and patient with me, we will be friends.



Arrived as a yearling stallion

I was a scrawny, little mess.  And to top it off, after my owner died I had been rounded up with a bunch of friends and was awaiting a truck to take me to be slaughtered.  I was so narrow; I would almost disappear if I faced you!   Somehow, the folks at HCHS saw something in me and took me home.  I was pretty much wild and didn’t trust anyone.  They kept saying “project” when they looked at me.  I thought it must be my name, but then they started calling me Flambino.  I was, after all, just a baby.  I went to have a little surgery, and then had my whole body checked out!  I am a slow grower as many horses from Peru have been.  I have a lovely, smooth running gait.  In time I will be big enough to have someone on my back and I will enjoy giving rides. But for now, I am growing, gaining weight, and learning manners.  I love to have people pet me and give me carrots too. Don’t tell anyone, but I like being a bit of a clown



Arrived 2016  Small 2-3 yr old chestnut mare

I don’t know a lot, but I try to figure things out.  Before I came here, I was with an owner that wasn’t able to care for all the horses she had, so Animal Control brought me to their place and in turn, they called HCHS to help them out.  To say the least, I was pleasantly plump when I arrived and it was thought perhaps I was pregnant.  But, nope, just lots of good food had taken its toll.  I was very shy, but curious.  I wanted to be friends, but didn’t quite know how to go about it.  Our friend, Steve Bauhr, helped me to understand a bit more about good behavior.  It made sense the way he “explained” it.  Now I am growing a bit and soon I will be spending some time in real school with Steve at his place.  I just know that I will be such a good horse and be able to find MY forever home!



Arrived August 2013  4 yr old palomino gelding

Along with my brother and mother, Tommy and Sugar Mabel, we had been rounded up in a very large herd and sent to the feed lot, waiting for a kill buyer sale.  I was just a baby!  I had been branded as a little baby too.  Usually brands are kind of small on a horse, but you can see by the size of mine, I was very little.   I stayed very close to my family and luckily we caught the eye of HCHS      and they brought us home.  My brother was easy going, but I was the shy one.  I really couldn’t focus on more than one thing at a time!  Maybe I was a worrier, I’m not sure.  I grew up and about a year ago I went to live with Shauna, who spent lots and lots of time with me, guiding me slowing in my understanding of how a good citizen horse behaves.  I still need a fair amount of skills, but as you can see, I have turned into one good looking horse!



Born here April 2014 (mother Ellie)  now 3 yr old grey mare

I have never had a bad day.  Even though I understand that I could have never been born at all!  My mom, Ellie, was in foal with me and was being sent to slaughter.  Pretty rude, if you ask me.  Luckily HCHS brought her here and I was born months later.  I was a big girl when I was born too!  And red!  But, often with grey horses, we are born red.  Tell tale sign was that I had grey around my eyes.  I think I’m pretty stunning, all the same.   I recently came home from being introduced to a saddle and bridle at Running Horse Training.   That was interesting and I’m feeling pretty good with all that.  I look forward to what comes next and hopefully in my future will be a forever home with that special someone!



Arrived December 2014  9 yr old chestnut gelding

I am pleased to say that I have become an outstanding citizen!  My buddy, Cupid (who has already been adopted), and I somehow wound up in a slaughter situation.  We were both nice looking guys! 
Anyway, after we got to HCHS, I guess it became apparent to the folks here that I may not have been properly gelded after all.  I was feeling pretty frisky, to say the least.
HCHS conferred with several veterinarians and it was decided for me to have surgery to find those elusive parts.  All worked out well, although I was a bit sore for awhile.  My temperament started to mellow and Kristen thought perhaps I might enjoy some trail competition.  Turns out I really liked it!  I still have a lot to learn, but the world is my oyster!!  FYI—I love to check out whatever you might be holding!



Born here June 2013  bay filly

I am so lucky to be alive—for more than one reason!  While I was still yet to be born, my mom was sent to the slaughter feedlot.  HCHS found my mom and brought “us” home. I was born just shortly after that.  I had the comfort of a nice clean stall and paddock.  THEN, before I was old enough to be vaccinated (mom too wild to be vaccinated) I contracted West Nile Virus.  Thank goodness that the people here saw that I was not feeling good and called Dr Sweet, who diagnosed me.  I was one sick little pony!  They gave me an infusion of plasma from a horse who had recovered from WNV.
I was feeling better within a few days and recovered fully within a month.  It was a close call.   I am now old enough to ride and I am pretty mellow about the whole thing.  I am looking for that special someone for my forever home.



Arrived Feb 2012   20+ yr old mare

I came here along with my baby, Tink, who is now in her forever home.  Obviously, I have long, blond hair and am totally cute.  Maybe I should be named Barbie!  Well, unlike the real Barbie, I can’t say that I actually have any talents at all!  Just stunning good looks.  I made it known that I didn’t want to be ridden.  Then they got this crazy idea that I would look cute as a driving pony.  Within a month or two, they realized that I was not made for that either.  I do have a couple of health issues, so its just as well I am just here for my looks, photo opportunities and artist modeling.  Get your cameras and cell phones out and click away, cause I am worth it!



Arrived February 2016  15 yr old registered paint mare

Let me tell you, I was very confused by the time I arrived here.  At first I was a great show horse, everyone told me so.  Then I had an injury to my knee and no one fixed it!  Then before I knew it, I was in the feed lot waiting for a transport truck to the slaughter house!  I was purchased by someone who thought I would be good, but it turned out that they didn’t like me after all.  So, I ended up at HCHS, which is a great place!  The veterinarian said that my knee had been left untreated for too long and surgery could not be done.   So I had an injection and was given medicine each day and I feel pretty good these days!  I am very well trained, but probably would be best if I found my forever home with someone who wanted to trail ride or light work.  By the way, I think I’m pretty special and pretty!  I’ll bet you do too!



Arrived July 2016  20+yr old dun gelding

First thing I want you to know is that I am a very well-trained horse.  I came in a bit scruffy and underweight with a body score of 2, but now I am looking ever so fine!   As many of the horses here were bound for slaughter, I was too.   Never a good place to find yourself.  The great thing is that I have found a great buddy to share my days with until that “right” person comes along.  Boomer and I have lots of fun sloshing our heads in the water trough!  I love scratches and carrots, not necessarily in that order.



Donated 2016  11 yr old grey mare

Well, actually, my real name is Pease Blossom.  But you may call me Panda.  I understand I got that nickname because I have an unusual grey band around my middle…perhaps a bit like a real panda (although I have never met a real panda)
I came here because I was just having trouble doing all the work that a horse needs to do as a show horse.  I like it here!  I get light work, good food…..and I have one special volunteer that simply ADORES me!   When I hear her voice, I just know I’m in for something great that day.  She has even taken me to shows and we have won ribbons!



Arrived 2016  3 yr old black/brown mare

I was brought here through Animal Control up in the mountains.  My last “situation” was less than perfect, shall we say.  No one bothered to make friends with me either.  I supposed it might have to do with the fact that I was just a tad unfriendly.  Truth be told, I didn’t trust anyone.  Best defense is an offense, as they say.  So, when I got here, I heard from the other horses that I would get over that.  We shall see, I thought.  What happened is that Steve Bauhr  (that’s him in the photo up there) came and spent time with me, teaching me that I didn’t need those defenses.  I could be a good citizen after all!  I was told I was pretty, too!  (which I am , of course) After all this, I went to Running Horse and got used to being ridden, which is quite interesting—I am still getting used to the saddle.  But I think it has possibilities!



Arrived 2011  21 yr old bay TB gelding

My real name is Soviet Sheikh.  Quite something, eh?  Exotic, I think.  After I ran in 26 races (I think I won some of those) I was retired and kind of “toured” the country.  Never quite finding my real home.  Quite by chance, HCHS found me on Bay
Area Equestrian Network….FREE HORSE!  Well, I know from the comments of other horses that means I’m only one step away from the glue factory.  Not good.  Lucky me found this place!  I haven’t been ridden in a while as my body gets a little sore from time to time, but for the most part, I’m healthy as a horse!!! LOL



Arrived May 2016  14 yr old bay International Sport Horse

My owner loved me, but several personal tragedies hit her pretty hard and she decided that donating me to HCHS was the best way for my healing from my suspensory injury.  I was a good dressage horse and well trained, but my injury need lengthy time to heal.  I’m now to the point where I can start my slow recovery exercise program.  I look forward to getting back to work.  But at the same time, I have made some good friends.  Hard to believe, but my biggest buddy is a DONKEY!!!!  How crazy is that?   I like to imagine we are a team of super hero and sidekick.  (Don’t tell Donk that he’s not the super hero)

Reuben &


Charlie and Reuben have been best buddies for several years now.  They are part of our permanent residents.  Charlie, being blind, relies on Reuben to guide him, and just be with him.  Both are reaching their 30's now, with Reuben having more arthritis.  

Our dear duo, both have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to donate in memory of them, please let us know.  

12.11.19 Charlie & Ruben.jpg


Kit Kat is a sweet, 18 year old  bay mare.  She formerly worked on a dude ranch from the little information we have on her.  She is pasture sound and can do light riding.  Due to an injury she has some limitations that would not allow her to work heavily.  



Arrived September 2013 as a 7-yr-old mare

You can’t believe how rough my life had been.  Think of it…I was hit in the head and my eye socket had been broken…AND I was heading to slaughter!  It looked like no future at all.  Then HCHS stepped in and took me home.  Unfortunately, my eye had to be removed due to the extensive injury.  But now, it does not hurt at all any more!  It really did take a while to get used to having only one eye, horses are just not used to that at all.  I have to say that I lost my girlish figure due to all the good grass out here doing my new job—babysitting the youngsters.  I love that!  But I can also be ridden.  I do need a special bridle since my mouth is tender, but life is good!



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