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Allie Came to us through an Arizona auction and then to the slaughter feedlot.  She is a registered quarter horse who had a history of barrel racing.   Unfortunately, her wear and tear left her with Sidewinder Syndrome caused by extreme arthritis in her neck  We are trying numerous therapies  to improve her comfort level.  Steroids, herbals, and PEMF treatments with Lorraine Waite of Wellspring Animal Therapy   She is a real sweetie!


Coming to us with a body score of about 1-2, Loretta was is great need of help.  She was anemic, emaciated, and tired with life.   Between farrier, dental, veterinarian, and love and care, she is starting to enjoy life now.  She is a favorite of one of our volunteers and gets lots of love,  grazing, and attention


This sweet lady came to us this fall as a neglect case through Animal Control.  She had not had farrier work for a number of years and we are trying to get her feet back to a healthy state.  She is having some issues with abscesses in her feet and we hope to have her in some comfortable shoes in the near future.  She was a bit shy at first, but is soaking up the love and attention


Lefty also came from Arizona and eventually the feedlot with Allie.  He is a very patient sweetheart

who has been really easy to work with from day one.  With all the wet weather, we have not been able to really access his abilities, but we hope to do so very soon.

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"Compelled by Compassion"

"Driven by Love"

"Inspired by Hope"


About Us:​

Started in 2013, Hope's Chance has been active in helping horses find their forever homes.  Horses come to us abused, neglected, with medical needs, through veterinary referral, animal control &  slaughter feed lots.  All horses are given complete veterinary, dental, and farrier care upon arrival.  Plus lots of love and food! Our horses are brought back to their best health possible and made ready for adoption and some may stay to live out their old age in comfort with us.

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